Tasty Home Cooking with an International Flair

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Debra Signor Randolph recommends Shine Cafe.

March 28 at 3:19 PM · 

Delightful lunch today catching up with a long time friend. The shrimp salad was delicious. Very friendly staff and owners.

Large menu · Large portions · Daily specials · Healthy options

Karry Rae recommends Shine Cafe.

March 26 at 4:22 PM · 

Absolutely wonderful and welcoming staff, accompanied by an amazing menu, plus wonderful art to look at and purchase! Definitely will be returning!

Child-friendly · Best brunch · Chic décor · Healthy options · Daily specials · Cosy atmosphere · 

Amanda Perkins Bryan recommends Shine Cafe.

March 19 at 12:10 PM · 

Awesome food and staff is AMAZING !

Laura Waters Carreiro recommends Shine Cafe.

March 15 at 12:06 PM · 

Joe and I went for Breakfast. The inside is super cute. The waitstaff were warm and friendly. The food was creative and delicious. We will be going again. Creative cuisine

Bo Ives recommends Shine Cafe.

March 14 at 6:10 PM · 

Delicious homemade baked goods with ingredients grown locally. Wonderful coffee!
Take home containers are made from sugar cane and compost easily. They even have a compost "castle" on site!

Loretta Mae Lowe-Hamilton - recommends Shine Cafe. January 27 at 7:00 AM ·

"Your order is done to perfection, great home-cooked meals like you were  living right there on the farm. The staff is incredible, hospitality  great service. Will continue to go back there again and again." 

Jen Boyle - recommends Shine Cafe. January 27 at 3:01 AM ·

"We stopped in today just for a to-go salmon spread bagel and a muffin.  They both were so fresh and delicious. Real bakes. We are going for the  full Valentine’s dinner, and based on our quick breakfast taste today  and the stellar recommendations of friends and locals we trust, we just  can’t wait! The space is warm, welcoming and decorated with local art.  It’s the kind of high quality locals spot we’ve been craving in Conway!  Terrific service!" 

Siena Shields Alford - recommends Shine Cafe. January 26 at 12:05 PM ·

"Shine  Café did not disappoint! The food was fantastic! The waiter was  personable and efficient! We will be making this a regular brunch  weekend experience!

Chic décor · Daily specials · Cosy atmosphere · Child-friendly · Creative cuisine · Great food · Best brunch · Healthy options" 

Florence Eliza Glaze - recommends Shine Cafe. January 26 at 9:47 AM ·

"Absolutely  delicious food, time after time. Beautiful, fresh, and unpretentious.  and great prices! Best shrimp bisque I've ever had (after a decade  1990-- working in some of Charleston's best eateries). Salads, broccoli  side, potato salad fantastic. Pulled pork and BBQ sandwiches delicious.  Going back today, and as many days as our schedules allow.

Healthy options · Great food · Cheap eats" 

Tom Salvatore‎ to Shine Cafe January 12 at 1:33 PM ·

"OMG best food in Conway. Way to go Leslie. Been here twice phenomenal  food. I feel like I am eating chef Ramsey quality food.  Incredible crab  cakes picture. 5 Stars"