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Artisan Market at Shine Cafe

Our Artisan Market is displayed on a rotating schedule of many talented artists. Stop by and support the arts with a purchase from a wide variety of Local artists and craftsmen of fine jewelry, photography, paintings, drawings, lotions, and much more. Here are some featured artists whose work is on display and for sale in our current rotation.



My Art All Mixed Up

Artwork by Wanda Glenn

Horry County has been home since 1988. In recent years I’ve explored watercolors, acrylics and stain glass. New techniques interest me and I love colorful artwork!




Claudine was born and raised in New York. Her artwork is influenced by both the

experiences she enjoyed growing up in the city and her passion for nature, whenever

she could escape the city. Her artworks are predominantly acrylic and mixed media.

Claudine paints from her heart and memories, often creating her own interpretations.

She enjoys unique perspectives and is intent with focal points and the composition of

each piece.

Creating and exploring has always been in her soul, but it has not always been a part of

her routine. While her two sons were growing into men, her own endeavors were put on

hold. Her desire to create has recently been reignited as she began to pursue her dream

to become an art teacher. She began to paint, sketch, and create in her free time. Her

love for the old masters is evident. She has been influenced by Impressionism, as well

as Surrealism, but she is always experimenting.

She has finally found a balance; allowing the images to emerge has proven to be quite

special. The pieces she is producing are clear, vivid images with substance. She

explains, “Some pieces are just so much fun to make, others are inspiring. For example,

I truly believe while painting ‘My Sister, My Sister’ my sister was in fact influencing and

guiding every brush stroke from heaven above.


Paintings by LYNNE MCDADE


Paintings by Lynne McDade

                       Art All Mixed Up

I  have always enjoyed working with my hands and imagination and different  media.  I evolved into painting in 2015, using various techniques.  My  abstracts represent my sense of wonder and calm and my watercolors show  my eye for details.  Painting has become a joyous part of my life.  I  hope you all find joy in my paintings as well.




Like most artist I grew up with crayon in hand ... leading to pastels ...  charcoal ... and paints. 

But, putting my painting away after college to “ get a job “ and raise a  family , in 2005 I began to pick it back up slightly after 27 yrs.

In 2006 feeling the need to do more regularly and with the boys grown, I  put  “ the job away “ and a plan was make.  

With a phone call involving my childhood friend, a cross country road trip  was in the works.  Leaving the husband at home I flew to Montana, also my  home away from home, and met up with my friend Ann.  

Camera and map in my hand ....steering wheel in hers, we set out on a 14  day road trip. Collecting photos I came home with lots of inspiration.   

These photos .....  growing up in Myrtle Beach .... moving to Aynor a  few years ago .... gave me the inspiring coastal and rural landscapes which  inspires the artistic side of me.



Paintings by Renee McClelland

Born and raised in Arkansas, I have always been in love with the South’s beautiful nature. As a self-taught artist, I have been drawn to highlighting the beauty of nature since 1994; it is good for my soul and this continued after moving to South Carolina in1997 with my family. I have two sons, two daughter-in- laws, one grandson and a wonderful husband. I would like to thank my loving husband for always encouraging me to do what I love. I hope you enjoy my paintings.


jewelry by Traci Dorman - She Trips On Air

Traci Dorman - She Trips On Air
People ask “why SheTripsOnAir?”
My momma didn't name me Grace for a reason. I'm that girl that trips on the "bump" in the carpet hoping nobody sees, knowing full well that everyone did.
I am a crafter at heart and almost since birth. I can't remember a time when I wasn't creating something. I have always seen the sparkle in the dust.
I started making jewelry by accident really.  I sing tenor in the choir and wanted to wear what the boys were wearing, white shirt and black tie, but I wanted a more feminine tie. Unable to find the one I had envisioned, I taught myself right angle weave and made one out of beads.
 That was December 2012 and I haven’t looked back or stopped learning all I can about jewelry making.

Be Blessed


Jewelry by Loretta Hamilton - DESIGNS BY LORALIE

Help us welcome the talented local artist Loretta Hamilton - DESIGNS BY LORALIE to Shine Cafe’s Artisan Market. Her work is now on display and for sale, be sure to stop by and check it out. Thank you 🌞🎨

Jewelry by Loretta Hamilton - DESIGNS BY LORALIE

I've always admired unique pieces in Jewelry. When I couldn't find the pieces that I wanted, I started making my own and selling a few pieces here and there. I only make one of a kind and never duplicated pieces. I use antique glass beads,  crystals and natural stones. I hope you enjoy my jewelry as much as I enjoy making it. Loretta Hamilton

Meet our Artists


jewelry by hannah millner - sea to seed


Hannah Millner - Sea to Seed
I’m Hannah, owner and designer behind Sea to Seed. I love making things with my hands, spending time in the ocean, growing food, and dancing my heart out to latin music.
After years of jewelry design as a hobby, Sea to Seed came to life in the summer of 2016.
Sea to Seed is inspired by my love for nature and the beauty of a simple life. The happiest years of my life have been spent covered in soil and rinsing off with sunset surf. My intention with each piece is to channel some of the joy and inspiration I've found while planting the tiniest of seeds or paddling into the foggy abyss in the chilly North Pacific. All of my jewelry is made by hand in my sunny studio in Blue Lake, California.


paintings by Caitey Ronan

Caitey is a student and artist living in Charleston, SC. She studies studio art at the College of Charleston with a concentration in painting. Working primarily in oils, pastels, and acrylic, she aims to portray the things she loves through art. In this series, she combines a passion for both art making and florals.


artwork by lillian tew